Introducing WINIADAEWOO brand, one of Korea’s largest brand in home appliances.

As one of the world’s leading brand of appliances, operating 16 subsidiaries with 42 branches in over 30 countries, WINIADAEWOO’s commitment to innovation is backed by extensive global research and development facilities.

The Refrigerators, Washing machines and Microwave ovens in this website feature the latest, most advanced technologies while offering exceptional value and comprehensive service support throughout Australia.

WINIADAEWOO. Quality you can rely on.


Fridge Technology

Nano Silver Anti-Bacteria

WINIADAEWOO were the first to develop Nano Silver anti bacterial technology in fridges. Environmentally friendly silver particles circulate through the fridge to repel bacteria keeping food fresher longer.

Automatic Ice & Water Dispenser

At the touch of a button, select between crushed or cubed ice and cold filtered water and the best news is there’s no special plumbing required.


Only 600mm deep to the back of the door and 900mm wide allows these models to fit into most regular kitchens without unsightly overhang.

No-frost 2 Fan Cooling Air Flow

Instead of using one fan for both freezer and refrigerator, WINIADAEWOO has installed two fans which separately control each compartment, for faster adaptation of the temperature variation.

3D Cooling / No Frost System

It’s the first 3D cooling system in the world, one fan emits cool air from the left, right and rear of the fridge increasing the angle of air flow in the refrigerator to keep food fresher.

Safety Glass Shelves

Featured on all fridges 400L and above.

Low Noise Level

New compressor and fan design helps to reduce high frequency noise.


Washing Machine Technology

Air Bubble Washing System

Air bubbles improve washing performance by activating the detergent to eliminate dirt from clothes and at the same time reduce water pollution by increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen. Air bubbles minimize damage to clothes by reducing unnecessary friction between clothes and the drum.

Nano Silver Washing

The latest pro-health technology. Millions of silver particles known to have antibiotic properties are applied to the machine to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Intelligent Washing System

Once the start button is pressed, sensors detect the size and type of the load and will adjust the water level accordingly. This system prevents users from selecting excessive spin and inappropriate temperatures which can damage clothing.

Direct Drive Motor

The advanced brushless direct drive motor rotates the drum directly without a belt and pulley. The power which is delivered directly to the drum minimizes the vibration and noise while optimizing energy consumption.

Triangular Damper

A high efficiency triangular damper, which supports the drum at the optimum angle, gives stability and improved balance during rotation.

Condenser Dryer

Digital Condensing Dry Technology eliminates the moisture formed during drying and reuses the residual heat. It also minimizes heat loss.

Quick 30 program

The Quick 30 program is very convenient for washing small loads e.g. sports clothes or underwear around 30 minutes.

Time Delay

With the timer it is possible to program the washing cycle to finish up to 12 hours later.

Crease Care

To prevent the laundry becoming wrinkled, the washing tub rotates for 10 seconds every 10-15 minutes. (Best for Cotton and Synthetics)

Auto Balancing Program

By setting the amount of load and balance, it evenly distributes the load to minimize the spinning noise level.

RPM Balancing Program

The spinning speed is accelerated by steps in order to minimize vibration of the tub.

One Touch Start

Just by pressing the start button, the full automatic one-touch system selects the best washing condition by sensing the load of laundry.

180° Opening Door (subject to model)

180° opening door provides the convenient easy loading and unloading of laundry, even bulky blankets.


Microwave Technology

Concave Reflex System (CRS)

CRS combines a Concave Reflector, which concentrates the waves equally on the whole area of the food item, with the Dual Wave System that distributes waves evenly into the cavity from 2 points, one above the item and one below promoting even cooking.

Quick Cooking

CRS enables quick cooking by emitting microwaves to all sides of the food.

Dual Wave System

By using a Dual Wave System, no area is left untouched by the microwaves.


Environmental Activity

Environment first! WINIADAEWOO

As a leading electronics company our aim is to enhance people’s health and quality of life based on a corporate philosophy. We promote environmental responsibility throughout the entire company. We do this in a responsible and ethical manner and with a commitment to sustainable development including respecting the needs of the individual, society and the environment. As part of our commitment towards sustainable development we proactively seek to use more sustainable technologies and processes and to minimize impact on the environment.


WINIADAEWOO continues its ongoing efforts to develop products that use energy efficiently, saving consumers money and lowering energy consumption.


WINIADAEWOO integrates environmental design practices throughout the product design stage in order to minimize environmentally negative impact in the products life cycle.

Design Activity

The Design Centre for WINIADAEWOO continues to make useful products that beneficially improve the health and the quality of everyday life.

WINIADAEWOO philosophy is centred on human and environmental needs and concerns.