Front load Washers

How do I best clean and care for my Front Load Washer to maintain it in good condition?
  • Use only dedicated front load detergent.
  • Do not use prewash sprays near machine, as it may damage the paintwork particularly the graphic panel.
  • Leave door of washer open after use to allow machine to dry out, this will help prevent stale smells.
  • Clean door boot with a damp cloth when necessary.
  • Periodically check the fold of the door gasket for any foreign matter.
  • Clean and check the water filters once a year.
  • Clean and check the water pump trap once a year for any foreign matter.
  • Appliance exterior and Control panel can be washed down with a soft damp cloth. A little neutral detergent (non abrasive) can be used.
  • Turn off taps and de-pressure hoses after use.

Clothes Dryers

How do I avoid lint build up in my Dryer?
  • Clean the lint filter before each load.
  • Never operate your dryer without a lint filter.
  • Most dryers tend to build up lint inside the cabinet and this can be a hazard, so regular maintenance is required. This can be between 2 to 4 years if used regularly.
  • Make sure all external vents are cleaned regularly.
Can I just stop the dryer mid cycle once the clothes feel dry?
  • Always allow the dryer to finish with the cool down phase.
Is it OK to vent into the laundry?
  • If possible vent the exhaust air externally to avoid moisture condensation which may lead to mould growth.


Can I run my fridge from a double adaptor?
  • For safety always ensure your refrigerator has its own power outlet, no double adaptors.
How do I care for my fridge?
  • Keep the condenser (grill on back or behind front kick panel) and compressor motor free of dust and fluff.
  • Do not defrost single door evaporator with any sharp implements.
  • Regularly clean the outside enamel with warm to hot water, no need for polish or detergents. The same procedure applies for door seals.
  • Internal cleaning maybe assisted by adding 1 teaspoon of baking soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) to each 500mls of water.
What should I do for my fridge if I’m going away on holiday?
  • If going away on vacation, leave the refrigerator turned on and set the thermostat controls on low settings but remove any perishables. If the refrigerator is connector to a water/ice maker, it is best to turn these features off to prevent any possible water leakage.
  • When the refrigerator will not be in use for a long time remove all the food and disconnect the power cord. Turn off any water supply, if connected. Clean the inside of the cabinet and dry and leave both doors slightly ajar.
Any considerations when I set up the fridge in my kitchen?
  • Adjust front leveling legs/feet slightly higher than the rear to allow doors to self close.
  • Position the refrigerator to allow good air flow on all sides.